Our Services

Pinless International

Our Pinless calling solution allows you to call anywhere around the world with local rates which means you’re paying more than half of what you’d normally spend calling directly using phone credit from your local service provider.

How is it possible? SIMPLE, your call is made on VoIP and after a quick account set up, LugerTel provides you with an access number to dial which is local to your calling destination, thus you pay local rates for all your international calls. Moreover, you only pay for the minutes spent talking-definitely NO HIDDEN FEES NOR EXTRA CHARGES!

Calling Card

Our calling card offers longer calling minutes at rates which are budget friendly. It’s convenient, non-expiring and affordable. Get our calling card virtually from the website or you can buy it at a reseller nearest to you.

Our calling card allows you to talk more for less.

Bill Pay

Enjoy easy, quick and automatic bills payment and processing through LugerTel`s bill payment plan. You only need to create a payment schedule with preset dates on our website, and just like that all your monthly bills will be catered for on time.

The monthly bill is recurrently charged to your credit card or debited from your checking account on the pre-set date every month without you having to do a thing. We make your life easier by making sure you can pay your bills on time and in full, each month.

International Top Up

LugerTel saves you time & effort with our International Top-Up Service. With your account, you can quickly and easily add phone credit from the website or directly from your mobile phone via Luger App. To top up a friend or family’s phone, simply pick the location country, enter amount and mobile number, process payment and you’re done. Top up any phone anytime, anywhere.

Residential VoIP

LugerTel’s Residential VOIP solution is the best way to minimizing cost and maximizing customization. Turning your home into a fully integrated network, VoIP is the most economical and user-friendly method of making phone calls. Eliminate the costly bills from your landline service provider and switch now to our VoIP system. Start saving big now. Sign Up for your ideal calling package.

What features can you expect from our Residential VoIP service?

-Cheaper international calls
-The ability to keep your existing phone number
-You can make a block call list to prevent people that you would rather not talk to from calling you
-Allows you to forward calls to other numbers
-The ability to make a call from the comfort of your computer
-Quick & reliable technical support
-24/7 live chat with our customer support

Luger Mobile Apps

Bring the advantages of our VoIP solutions with you whenever and wherever you go. Download our App on your android, iPhone, blackberry or windows phone. With Luger App you can always enjoy FREE voice calls, sms and video calls with a fellow Luger App and network users. Using the app you can also call directly to any landline or mobile number locally and around the world thru Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. Enjoy constant and cheaper calls and make the most of our free sms, chats and video calling anytime you want to.