1. Who are we?

Lugertel is a service company that enables you to Call Internationally and transfer credit to family and friends from the convenience of your computer.

2. What we provide.

Our products include; Bill Pay Service, Pin-less Calling Solution, Calling Cards in the form of airtime minutes (credit that will enable the phone user to make calls) from any phones and also online. We also offer credit transfer and/or Top Ups for any prepaid phone internationally.

3. How do I create a Lugertel Account?

On the top right side of the “Home” page, you will find the Sign Up option. By clicking on the button you should be redirected to the “Sign up’ page.

1. Select the Sign up option.
2. Select the Country and enter your phone number with country code.
3. Enter the required information and click on Sign Up
4. The system will send you a OTP (One Time Pass code) enter that on next screen
5. Once Confirmed the system will text you your login details

4. How can I be assured of the services?

There are several ways you can verify our services,

4.1 Read fellow customer reviews on the website, face book and twitter.
4.2 Email questions or concerns to customer.services@lugertel.com
4.3 Call us at our US office @ +12145061869 or visit us at www.lugertel.com

5. International Top Ups / Credit Transfers

5.1 How do I know the transaction has been completed?

There will be a confirmation page on the website and also, you will receive an email or SMS text message confirming your payment and detailing a unique transaction number. This number is to be quoted in case of any queries.

5.2 How will airtime be credited?

We automatically load the airtime onto the recipient’s phone, transferring the airtime directly.

5.3 How long does it take for the airtime to be credited?

Airtime is credited immediately 24/7. If they are any delays it is usually as a result of local network problems but airtime should be credited in no more than an hour.

5.4 What Networks are covered?

We can Top Up any prepaid phone in the world just enter the country, the Carrier and the Amount and enter the phone number and leave the rest to us.

6. Bill Pay Services

Lugertel offers a variety of services including bill pay and here is the process to Pay Bill

1. On the App or Online select Payments
2. Select Bill Pay Option
3. Select the service provider
4. Click on the service description
5. Enter the Contra Number or Account number and click continue
6. Select the bill you want to pay and click continue
7. Review the details and click pay now
8. Click confirm on the pop up notification and you are all done.

7. What payments methods are accepted?

Customers can use visa, master card, discover and American Express. At no moment do we have access to your credit card information, Transactions are processed through authorize.net the most secured US payment gateway which ensures transactions conducted online are safe and secured. Using a credit or debit card makes the order process much faster. Our website is certified by Visa and Master Card to process payments and uses a secure server that guarantees privacy and security on all payment transactions.

8. Is this website secure?

Yes it is! The Lugertel website guarantees the safety and security of all transactions made on the website. Our payment provider – Authorize.net uses very secure servers to ensure that all credit card transactions are secure and all information provided is kept private. Your security is very important to us. Your transaction security is very important to us. To avoid issues of fraud, we may sometimes put your order on hold until it is manually verified. This might create a slight delay.We process all credit and debit card transactions through our secure payment gateway provider: PayPal (www.paypal.com) and Authorize.net (www.authorize.net). Once your payment goes through we notify you immediately of the payment status and send you a follow up confirmation by email.

9. Do we charge a service fee?

The Service fee is incorporate into the amount shown on the web site. We charge a minimal service fees to enable us to meet the costs of maintaining the efficiency and reliability of our service.

10. Will I earn a Bonus if I invite a Friend or Family member?

10.1 Users are considered to be referred by you only if they signed up for Lugertel after clicking the link in your invite email.
10.2 When a user who has signed up after being referred by you, makes their first payment, your account will be credited with your bonus.
10.3 The campaign is valid until further notice.
10.4 All credits and payments made during the campaign are non-refundable and non-transferable.
10.5 The purpose of this campaign is to promote the spreading of this service to new subscribers. Thus for a person to “refer themselves” by creating several accounts with different phone numbers is against the spirit of this campaign and will be considered as misuse.
10.6 Lugertel has the right to withdraw issued bonuses in the case of misuse or fraudulent behavior.
10.7 Lugertel reserves the right to reject or terminate the campaign at any time and for any reason, at Lugertel’s sole discretion.

11. How do I get a local number for my foreign Contact?

This is referred to as Local Number where Lugertel provides you with a list of local numbers you can use to call your friends and family without having to enter the destination number each time you make a call. Here is how it works.

1. Sign into your account and click on “Local Number”
2. Select a “Add Local Number’”
3. Select Country, Province/State, City and Local Number.
4. Enter the Destination Number and Destination Name

This number will be added to your list of did numbers and you can safe this in your phone book. If you wish to make calls to this person in the future just dial directly from you phone and the call will be connected instantly.