About Lugertel

Who we are

Lugertel is a privately held company based in Dallas, TX co-owned by Gerald and Luma Chenyi. The founders had the radical concept that they could provide a convenient communication solution targeting Africans by Africans. Despite the availability of many calling card options, the quality was usually very poor and the prices unreasonable.

The CEO Gerald Chenyi put in a lot of time and effort into researching what the African Diaspora needed in communicating with those back home. Having been an international student himself, he could empathize with the challenges of calling and sending prepaid credit to family and friends back abroad. When he finally realized his vision of Lugertel, he made sure it was everything all the numerous calling services he had tried were not. He now had the opportunity to make his vision a reality, by providing a cost-effective means that immigrants in the diaspora would use to communicate with their people back home and also with each other. He understood quite well that people don’t like restrictions when it comes to talking; we can even talk all day long if possible, because we usually have a lot to say to each other. In short, we are expressive beings and talking is one of the fundamental ways that we use to express ourselves. This is why we need a company that offers longer calling minutes at cheaper rates, which is exactly what Gerald and Luma had in mind when they founded LugerTel. You need a cheap and reliable calling & bill payment solution? We`ve got your back.

What we do

The founders are people who are passionate about their roots, where they come from and understand the importance of constantly communicating with friends and relatives back home. Living and working in the diaspora can get lonely at times, because you are constantly in the company of strangers who have absolutely no idea about your way of life. Connecting with people back home makes the situation a bit tolerable, and it can be made much easier if you have an affordable way to call them.

We provide airtime, which is up for sale on our website and once you top-up you can use it to make calls at very affordable rates. What makes us different from other service providers in the same industry is our ability to offer same services at very cheap rates. With every top-up, you get to enjoy more minutes and talk time. We make it possible for you to talk more for less.

Lugertel provides the cheapest calling solution for all those living in the diaspora. We are here to ensure that instead of spending most of your funds on purchasing airtime for calls, you`re left with enough to send back home and support your people.

Moreover, we also provide a bill payment service for all our subscribers. Once you make a payment schedule on our website, all your bills will be automatically paid at the end of every month. You won`t ever have to worry about forgetting to pay any of your bills, and the hefty fines that come with failing to pay your bills on time. We do it all for you, so that you are able to focus on other much pressing things in life.

Why Choose Us?

LugerTel’s strength lies in the company’s core objective; to treat each customer as family given that the business is family owned and operated. We are the only VOIP Company that offers a one on one relationship with our customers. We have a 24/7 online Live chat, and a first of its kind in the industry, text message access to customer support. In case you`re experience any technical issues with any of our services, contact our customer support and one of our representatives will immediately rectify the situation.
LugerTel is a service company that enables you to Call Internationally and transfer credit to family and friends from the convenience of your computer. Our products include: Pin-less Calling Solutions in the form of airtime minutes (credit that will enable the phone user to make calls) from any phones and also online. We also offer credit transfer and/or Top Ups for any prepaid phone internationally.

We offer an all-inclusive mobile application to assuage the need for a convenient platform. The APP allows users to make calls without the need of an access number or using airtime minutes. With the APP, you can recharge your account, send mobile credit worldwide and soon pay utility bills from the convenience of your phone.

We are always trying to do more for the Diaspora. Try our services today and you won’t ever regret making that decision. We are here to serve and provide what others are missing. Subscribe to Lugertel services now and become part of a growing company that is fully dedicated to you.

LugerTel; Convenience you can Trust

LugerTel Guarantees…

  • Fully transparent rates
  • No weekly fee
  • No connection fee
  • No hang-up fee
  • No need for a PIN code
  • No need for physical card
  • Online account management
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Works on any phone

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